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Efroim G. Gurman was born in Odessa (Ukraine) in 1948. Since childhood, he had an extreme passion for animals. The combination of his unique life experience, his passion, as well as his education has brought him to where he stands today.

Efroim graduated from Mechnikov University, where he received his Bachelor’s in Biochemistry in 1973.He later received his Ph.D. in Physiology of Digestion in St. Petersburg in 1979; This had not stopped Dr. Gurman, as he later received his Dr. Sci. in the physiology of nutrition in Lviv in 1991.

Before immigration to the United States, he worked at a Military Pharma Lab, and as a Professor and Dean of Canine & Feline Physiology Department at Odessa State University. Upon his arrival to the USA, Efroim Gurman took the position of creative director at Central Dogma Inc. In 1999 he founded the veterinary clinic, pet hotel and grooming salon, called Full Pet Services in Brooklyn, NY. Founding this conceptual clinic allowed Efroim to gain invaluable experience of managing a vet clinic in the most diverse city on the planet, which helped him in writing some of his books. In 2009, Dr. Gurman founded herbal pet supplement company, VetVittles, which develops and manufactures natural herbal supplements and treats for cats and dogs.


Besides more than hundred scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Gurman published several books:

“Scientific Basis of Cookery” (Russian Academy of Science, 1992)

“Dogs and Drugs” (1995)

“Zoo for Everyday” (1997),

“Comprehensive Manual for Individualized Dog and Cat Grooming” (2012)

Efroim Gurman is happily married with three sons and two grandsons. His lifetime hobbies are dog breeding (1962-2005), literature, and entrepreneurship.

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