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Efroim Gurman PhD

Pet Nutrition Expert,

Scientist, CEO, Writer

Book Collection

Smiles, Tears, and Thoughts Behind the Front Desk at the Vet's Office

By Efroim Gurman

New book, it is the collection of stories about dogs and cats, their owners and those who serve them Рsome humorous, some rather sad and sentimental. All together they initiate interesting thoughts. It is a great read for everyone who wants to think, laugh, and ejoyes animals.  133 pages, illustrations.

A comprehensive manual for invidualized dog and cat grooming

By Efroim  Gurman

This professional handbook helps groomers to achieve a perfection in hair styling of the popular dog and cat breeds as well as most mix breeds and rare breeds. An easy read with remarkable detailed illustration and step-by-step instruction that guide your hand to outstanding results. The authors’ focus is on an individualized approach that corrects for imperfections and enhances the innate qualities of the groomed animal in final presentation

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